4 Medical reasons why some women have saggy breast

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A lot of women in today’s world are suffering from low self-esteem because of some defects in their body structure. Some of these defects come with the butt, eyes, and other parts but in this article, we will focus on the breast. One of the challenges or defects that a lot of women face on daily basis is the issue of having saggy breasts.

Although, Saggy breast might not be a serious health problem but it has become a thing to be bothered about because people target it to body shame. Even though medical practitioners termed saggy breasts to be “breast ptosis”, it is also likely to be caused by some things.

Regarding this, we will be sharing with you some medical reasons why some women still suffer from Breast Ptosis which is commonly known as Saggy breast.

1. Age

One of the common things that are likely to cause fallen breasts for women is age. As a woman ages, the body as well tends to lose some potency. The ligaments that make up the breasts tissue will begin to stretch and that will make the body lose its elasticity, thus leading to the saggy or fallen breast.

2. Gravitational Pull

A woman with a large breast is most likely to suffer from breast ptosis and that is because of the law of gravity that seems to take its toll on the body. When the load on the front is much, it will surely get to sag with time.

3. Smoking

Apart from the fact that smoking gets to damage the lungs and cause other health challenges, it is also most likely to cause saggy breasts for women and that is because of the carcinogens that are present in the cigarette. Smoking also helps the elastin in the body to quickly breakdown of which can cause the slackness of the breast.

4. Weight gain and loss

The reduction and addition to the weight of a woman are likely to cause breast sag and that is because of the stretch that occurs during weight fluctuations.