4 ways to impress

I.  Knowledge.  Learn,  read deeply about your field or business.  Product knowledge is powerful, cos it deposits a great kg of confidence in you.
2. Test before deployment.  Train yourself,  educate your work force,  empower them. Also test,  validate your product. How do you sell what you have not tested.
3. Packaging. Get this right,  then acceptance is a done deal.  A well packaged product is attractive,  inviting and hardly rejected. E.g T-shirts,  ambience,  website,  etc. Choose the right colour!
4. Active,  not passive.  Some people are gifted,  skilled, with loads of talent but rarely speak or socialize. No matter how good you are,  there is a limit to how far you can get in isolation,  quiet and societal indifference. If you have a good product, then go all out and make your presence felt. So many businesses are just EXISTING with NO PRESENCE.
it’s your choice to make….IMpress or DEpress?
Don’t hide,  come out and take on your opponents..  Surprisingly,  you will discover that what you FEAR fears you MORE! You will marvel how easy it was to conquer your competitors or fears.