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Alberta’s  Justice Minister Madu who slammed Malami with incompetence asked to step down for attempted corruption



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Kelechi Madu made headlines last year when he hammered Nigerian Justice Minister Abubakar Malami for re-arresting IPOB leader Kanu and bundling him to Nigeria.

Madu struck a chord then because he was justice minister of Alberta, Canada.

But Nigeria happened to him last March, about eight months into his appoitment. He tested Canadian traffic law as minister when he used his phone while driving.

He got booked right away. But then he decided to call higher-ups in the police, and that has now become a nail in his coffin.

The Premier of Alberta, Jason Kenney, has asked the Nigerian-Candian to step down—for investigation.

According to Kenney in a series of Twitter posts, it was important for Madu to step aside pending the outcome of an independent investigation into a March 10, 2021 incident.

“I have spoken with Minister Madu about the March 10 incident reported in the media today.

“I conveyed to him my profound disappointment in his decision to contact the Edmonton Police Chief after receiving a ticket for a traffic violation.

“Minister Madu told me that he did not ask to have the ticket rescinded, nor was it his intention to interfere in the case, and that he promptly paid the ticket.

“I understand that Chief McFee has confirmed that at no time did the Minister seek to have the ticket rescinded.

“Nevertheless, it’s essential the independent administration of justice is maintained.

“That’s why I will appoint a respected independent investigator to review the relevant facts and to determine whether there was interference in the administration of justice in this case.


“In the interim period, I have asked Minister Madu to step back from his ministerial duties.

“Details about the independent review will be made public in the near future.”

The Premier also said Minister Sonya Savage would act as Minister of Justice and Solicitor General during Madu’s leave of absence.