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Anatomy of APC rigging tactics, a call for vigilance



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The travesty of justice from the Osun State Governorship Election Tribunal has again exposed the APC as a party desperate to hold on to power by all means, despite its abysmal failure at all levels.

Suffice it to state that the APC has surpassed all records of electoral malfeasance in Nigeria. The APC rigging machinery has become infamous for its brazen and pervasive use of state institutions to perpetrate its evil agenda in the last 8 years.

Having contested for the House of Reps & Senate in 2011 & 2015 respectively, I was a victim of ACN/APC, rigging machinery, which was perpetrated right from the polling unit to the collation centers where my victory was eventually upturned.

Even when I filed a petition at the tribunal, the CTC copy of the INEC result declaring me the winner was stolen by the court clerk(in connivance with the APC)in the Judge’s office.

For the Lagos APC, despite having over 700 elected councilors, 57 elected Chairmen of LG & LCDA, over 30 HoR members, 3 Senators, and the National leader, Bola Tinubu’s several billion, nationwide popularity and acceptance, one would have thought the party would rely on the strength of these elected officers to win elections.

It is sickening to note, however, that rather than them contest in a free and fair election, the party would opt for rigging. The rigging starts from the point of voter registration.

At this juncture, it is important to expose different mediums and means, through which such infractions are perpetrated.

1. PVC Registration & Collection
During the PVC registration, the APC made spirited attempts to deny PVC registration of Non-Yoruba speaking ethnic nationalities in a popular market in Lagos.

We also have it on good authority that the APC connived with some unscrupulous INEC officials to take registration machines to their private residences for the registration of their members and loyalists.

In the ongoing PVC collection exercise, there are reports of PVC of suspected Non-Yoruba Lagos residents being destroyed to decimate the voting strength of the opposition PDP(Non-Yoruba speaking groups have always contributed largely to PDP’s vote)

At the polling units, the APC would usually deploy a lot of funds to bribe the polling agents of opposition parties, security officials, and any compromisable electoral officer.

Despite the introduction of BVAS and electronic transmission of results, the manual counting and collation of results, as witnessed in the Osun case, has only represented rigging, hitherto witnessed at the collation centers in another form.


One wonders why the BVAS cannot print out results on election day. The BVAS only becomes useful as evidence in court where the APC has perfected the act of manipulating justice.

Unarguably, the Lagos APC harbours and deploys the highest number of louts and thugs for election purposes. These thugs are deployed to attack the opposition party’s campaigns and destroy campaign billboards and posters.

The thugs unleashed mayhem with reckless abandon while the security operatives look the other way, putting opposition party candidates and their supporters at risk of losing their lives.

While not casting aspersions on the ability of INEC to conduct a credible election, it is worth revealing that some bad eggs would easily compromise at the dangling of APC carrots. It is therefore expected that polling agents would insist that the elections are conducted by the INEC officials in accordance with the electoral laws any time an infraction is noticed.

The APC would sometimes use its Federal might to influence an election through the appointment of Commissioners of Police(CP) and deployment of officers for the purpose of election assignment.

Some police officers are sympathetic to the cause or have a link with an influential member of the ruling party. Some of these police officers go about arresting opposition politicians before, during, and after the election.

The APC plays its last card on election rigging through the judiciary. With a humongous unending vault, the party would break the bank to get favourable judgment at the Tribunal up to the supreme court.

Only men of integrity and good conscience, ready to dispense justice without fear or favour would stand up to be counted when the billions are flying.

Given the foregoing, I make bold to say that since 1999, the APC has never won an election in Lagos without RIGGING. Unfortunately, the APC has always done it with the support of some PDP saboteurs who have been compromised as polling agents.

These saboteurs decided to sell their birth rights for the peanuts offered to them by the APC at the polling units. However, the unfortunate thing is that we all have to suffer for it every four years.

My clarion call on the Peoples’ Democratic Party is to re-jig and rework our winning formula by changing the old polling agents we have used in the past 8 years to avoid compromise by the APC. We must remain vigilant and focused to put an end to the inglorious era of the APC.

For us in Lagos PDP, we owe Lagosians who have suffered the lack of qualitative leadership and representation at the hands of APC. The people’s yearnings for a Governor, Senator, House of Rep, and member house of Assembly of their own from the Peoples’ Democratic Party will only come to pass if we keep our eyes on the ball.

Going to the next election, we must take lessons from the Osun judgment to counter the rigging machinery of APC. It is unfathomable that the judges rather than call for a wholesome audit of the BVAS report for all the polling units used for the election decided to focus on the areas faulted by APC and areas where votes were deducted from the PDP.

Even with the evidence before the court, the worst scenario could have been a re-run in the affected areas but that was not to be.


The basis of the Osun judgment has shown that the BVAS technology may not be fool proof after all. While accreditation of voters and transmission of results are done electronically, collation and counting of votes are still done manually and are susceptible to manipulation.

To forestall a repeat of what happened in Osun, opposition party polling agents should ensure that the collated and counted votes do not exceed BVAS-accredited votes.

Deacon Segun Adewale


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