APC Primaries: Buhari’s candidate uncovered, protest erupts

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A group within the APC has uncovered President Muhammad Buhari ‘s candidate, and its raising the alarm on how that choice will damage the ruling party.

The group, The APC Watchdog, in a statement issued on the weekend by its National Coordinator Wahab Adewale in Abuja stated that the emergence of former President Goodluck Jonathan will not serve any useful purpose for members, particularly, its founding members.

Adewale emphasized the fact that Buhari has chosen the former president as his candidate.

Buhari has always said he has a candidate, but he won’t name him, for safety reasons.

“We are aware of moves by some elements in the corridors of power to return former President Goodluck Jonathan through our party,” he said.

“The move, which is being coordinated by  a governor, but we say to those plotting this scheme that it is unfair and will not do the APC any good. They should desist forthwith in the interest of all our members.”

According to the APC Watchdog, the candidature and likely emergence of former President Jonathan will be toxic for the APC going by the tensed buildup and the eventual circumstances in which the party dislodge him from power.

“We recollect with nostalgia how we laboured day and night to put the APC together before eventually dislodging the PDP.

“How then can anyone in the party and government conceive or contemplate the rerun of the same person whom we insulted and vilified as our presidential candidate 7 years after?

“This is what we are finding very difficult to come to terms with the possibility of having the same person as our flagbearer.” The group wrote.

The group said the likely emergence of Jonathan, whose root tit claimed is in the PDP,  is capable of eroding the legacy of President Buhari and that APC cannot put its presidential ticket at risk.

The party screening comes up this week, and no fewer than 23 aspirants are going to be scrutinized for the contest.

The leading contenders so far ae party leader Bola Tinubu, V.P Yemi Osinbajo, Gov Kayode Fayemi, Sen President Ahmed Lawan, among others.

As of the last announcement when a group bought him the APC nomination form, Jonathan was still in the PDP.

He has yet to lobby delegates  or make any move to win the primary if he wants to contest.