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APC trading off corruption to lobby PDP Senators to impeach Saraki 



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The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has lost control of desperation to impeach the Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, in their frustration over his defection to the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). The ruling party in its desperation had made overtures to PDP senators, inducing them to join APC senators in the battle to impeach the senate president.
However, the 48 PDP senators, being organised by former Senate President David Mark have repeatedly passed vote of confidence on the Senate President, Saraki, and the Deputy Senate President, ike Ekweremadu.
National Daily learnt that monetary inducement and corruption intimidation have been deployed by the APC government to win some PDP over to the APC camp to get the 73 senators that would constitute the 2/3 of the 109 senators required by the constitution to impeach the senate president.
APC national chairman, Adams Oshiomhole, has consistently maintained that Saraki must be impeached within legal and constitutional process, insisting that the only way Saraki can escape impeachment is to resign.
The skirmishes over the impeachment of Saraki have been generating tension in the seat of power, Abuja.
This Acting National Publicity Secretary,  Yekini Nabena, had in a statement in Abuja, admitted: “We will get the support of some PDP Senators to get the required 2/3 vote and impeach Saraki.
“We are already talking to some of PDP Senators who believe and support the direction of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration to achieve our legitimate goal.”
He, however, noted: “As a Party, we don’t believe in inducing lawmakers to achieve our legitimate goal of removing Saraki as Senate President.”
Nabena, thereafter, maintained: “He cannot lead the APC majority Senate. But if he fails to resign honourably, we will impeach him. The PDP’s propaganda and threat of violence cannot save him.”
APC had vowed that the National Assembly must reconvene on Tuesday but  the vaunt ended in empty noise. The Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives, had on Tuesday issued a notice why the National Assembly could not reconvene as earlier considered.
The PDP has also engaged the APC in obvious political marksmanship to counter every move of APC.
In its deepening frustrations, APC deployed its propaganda machine to raise alarm that PDP plans to attack APC senators to prevent the impeachment of Saraki, ploy perceived to incite security agencies to invade the National Assembly again, and perhaps, provide shield for APC senators to carry out the hatchet job without the 2/3 majority requirement.
Consequently, APC National publicity Secretary is widely believed to be preparing grounds for justification of use of security operatives in the National Assembly in the party’s desperation to impeach the senate president, after the failed attempt of using the State Security Service (SSS) which attracted warnings from foreign governments.
Accordingly, Nabena further declared: “Our attention has been drawn to sinister plans by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to attack some All Progressives Congress (APC) Senators as part of the PDP’s desperate bid to ensure that Dr. Bukola Saraki clings to the position of Senate President.
“By this statement, we call on security agents to protect APC Senators. If any Senator is harmed, the PDP and Saraki should be held directly responsible. We call on security agencies to also closely monitor the activities of some PDP leaders, including Saraki because the plan to attack APC Senators is real and imminent.
“We were informed that the plot was hatched in the private residence of a PDP leader in Maitama-Abuja on Sunday night. The meeting was attended by 15 pro-Saraki Senators, including the Senate President, himself.
“We learnt that the PDP expressed worry over the APC’s Senate majority and considered several options to stop the APC from taking over the Senate leadership among which is attacking some APC Senators to ensure their inability to attend legislative sittings.
“The PDP have recruited thugs for this purpose, we have now learnt.
“During Sunday’s meeting, the PDP Senators planned several types of attack, one of which is to lure some of them (APC Senators) out at night in the guise of inviting Senators to a political settlement meeting and thereafter instigate a violent confrontation during the meeting and unleash standby PDP thugs on APC Senators”
The national publicity secretary also alleged that Saraki had lobbied   to buy over some APC senators at the cost of N100 million.