Bandits, terrorists clash over protecting host communities, 30 dead as bloodbath continues

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As Zamfara bandits flee helter-skelter in the middle of military action going on in the state, their attempt to settle down in Birni Gwari, Kaduna, has faced opposition of sorts.

No fewer than 30 of the fleeing criminals have been neutralized by Anr terrorists claiming territoriality in the Kduna LGA.

According to locals, the marauders from Zamfara settled in the area weeks ago, and planted their flag.

The villagers know these bands of criminals, because they once disappointed the locals who accommodated them years ago—only for them to start kidnapping and robbing and taxing their host.

Many residents of Saulawa and Damari  started moving out despite the bandits’ promise of peaceful co-existence.

Trouble, however, started when Ansar terrorists who believe the area is their domain handed out some dos and don’ts to the squatting bandits.

Among the rules are: no kidnapping of locals, no robbery.

But he bandits would have none of these.

Samaila Yakubu, who spoke with Daily Trust from Zaria, said the resistance led an armed struggle between the two elements. Four bandits ended up dead, and one Ansar terrorist lost his life last week.

Then a spiraling war of revenge followed. And 30 bandits got killed same week.

Now the stronger opponent is dominating.

“Abductions are on a decline. The focus of the terrorists is now on how to get fuel and money from travelers,” another villager told the newspaper.

The police has not got an update yet.