Boko Haram: Widow of beheaded CAN chairman says she’s happy

The widow of the late CAN Chairman Rev Lawan Andimi Boko Hrama beheaded  after abducting him in the Michika Local Government Area of Adamawa has broken her silence.

She said she was happy that her husband did not deny Jesus before he was beheaded by the insurgents.

According to her, her husband is now with God.

“Different thoughts passed through my mind especially I never saw a situation where my husband will be abducted and taken to another place for twenty days,” she told Channels TV.

“But I thank God Almighty because my husband did not deny Jesus Christ. he is now with God.

She, however, called on the government to do its best in solving this problem of insecurity so that it does not happen to others as it happened to her.

“We have a very serious problem in this country because our villages and towns are insecure and people are suffering. Honestly, the way I find myself today us beyond me.

“I appeal to the government to do something about this forest where they detain those abducted, even if it will involve getting assistance from other countries, please let them do that and clear this forest to please so that we can have peace here,” she said.

He husband was abducted early in January, and in a viral video he was seen telling the government to make efforts to secure his release though he added the terrorists had never harmed him then.

After his execution, the federal government said the group rejected the N50 million ransom it negotiated with the hope the clergyman would be released to a third party.