Controversial actress opens up on sex-for-role scandal in Nollywood

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Actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday has called out some directors in the Yoruba movie industry who enjoy casting female characters for lead roles and not paying them any fee, all in the name of giving them fame.

According to the controversial actress, many of the male directors in the Yoruba movie industry will authoritatively tell you with their full chest to either sleep with them before you are casted for a lead role in their movies or you forget it.

“I had blocked Damola Olatunji on my WhatsApp, he is a director and I told them all that any director that will not pay me my money before casting me for my roles, I am not doing…..I am not working for fame but money and ..I guess he has personal issues with me because he is one of such directors.


“It wasn’t until the noise became loud that Mr LATIN released a video to say he couldn’t take action against Baba Ijesha because he is not part of the association…but the real reason they couldn’t talk is because if one of them comes out to talk, all their victims will come out and call them out….that is why they are quiet because in one way or the other, they are guilty, they tell you with their full chest, if you don’t sleep with them you can’t get this lead role.”

It would be recalled that Odunlade Actor, a popular actor was also recently exposed for allegedly always sleeping with young females before casting them for movie roles.