Coronavirus lockdown: Lagos, Ogun under siege of armed robbers

Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu
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Lagos and Ogun states have come under siege of armed robbers who operate in gangs invading homes robbing people of money, property, raping girls, and women in the presence of parents and husbands. The robbery operations have no time constraints and occurs at any convenient time of the robbers, even in broad day light in some areas.

Most robbery take place at night, giving residents nightmare and sleepless nights.

The robbers operate in large numbers of 30, 50 and above, armed with guns and other weapons, including tools to force doors open, even cutting iron protectors at doors.

They have been having field days in several communities in Lagos and Ogun states where Police interventions have been low or non-existence. In some instances, people complain of making telephone calls to certain police stations for intervention but get no response.

Residents are now resorting to self-protection when it appears government can no longer guarantee their security. People now come out at night, armed with cutlasses for self-defence. Youths on the streets are mobilized to burn tyres, form emergency vigilante teams with urgency to secure their streets and homes.

In few areas, the people further resort to jungle justice. There were reports of some of the robbers caught being killed by residents of the area.

Meanwhile, the rising cases of armed robbery in the state, is a consequence of the lockdown which has denied Nigerians means livelihood without intervention of government at any level for palliatives.

Areas like Akute, Ishaga, Fagba, Ajuwon, Alagbole, Agege, Iyana Ipaja, Ajao Estate, Oke Ira, Alagbado, etc. have been prone to robbery attacks in recent time. In some places, the gang robbers meet strong resistance from residents who mobilized themselves for vigilance before their arrival. On such occasions, they flee. The unfortunate victims are residents who are taken unaware for failure to mobilise for self-defence.

The robbery operations started with breaking of shops and stealing food items like rice, beans, garri, oil and others. The boys, thereafter, elevated the operations to raiding homes. It is obvious there is hunger in the land.

Ogun State Police Command on Sunday paraded 150 suspect cultists.

There is the fear of breakdown of law and order.