Coronavirus: Melaye raises red alert, demands immediate dismantling of 5G in Nigeria

Senator Dino Melaye, former representative of Kogi West in the National Assembly, at the weekend made a broadcast on the social media, raising red alert over the global conspiracy of spreading coronavirus through 5G communication technology across the world.

Melaye started that he has been conducting research on the 5G technology in the past two weeks, disclosing that there is a powerful global force or economic interest trying to introduce the 5G into the global telecommunications market. He noted that the powerful global force has made billions of dollars investments into the 5G technology without awareness of the health consequences, adding that they are afraid of losing their investments.

Melaye warned that coronavirus is not the major problem but the 5G that has chemical reactions with human cells that eventually manifest as a flu.

The former senator cautioned that reaction from 5G has biological interactions with human cells; noting that plants close to 5G masks have been seen drying up. Also, animals close to 5G masks are dying. He added that 5G weakens Human immune system and could cause death.

Melaye, therefore, demanded President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately order the demobilization and dismantling of all 5G technology installations in Nigeria.

Text of Dina Melaye’s broadcast reads:

Fellow compatriots, I am here to address you once again in the course of our national history. And my singular prayer is that the Almighty God will fight this corona for us.

But my attention is on the conspiracy theory that I have been working on for the past two weeks. I, personally, have done a lot of research .and I’ve come to believe there is a global conspiracy theory to this issue of coronavirus. There is a powerful global force or economic interest trying to introduce the 5G into the global market. Billions of dollars of investments have been done and they are afraid of losing their investments.

From my research, this coronavirus is really not a problem. The major problem is this 5G that has been deployed that has chemical reactions with human cells that eventually manifest as a flu. And if this is the problem, why is the world not speaking against it, why are they still deploying the 5G all over the globe.

As I speak, the 5G technology has been deployed in Maitama, Abuja, and in Ikeja, Lagos. These are the two places where there has been deployment of the 5G apparatus. And I’m using this opportunity to call on the federal government and, indeed, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to immediately call the attention of the Minister of Science and Technology that we must immediately demobilize any 5G network in the Federal Republic of Nigeria

We must hold all telecoms and technology experts operating in Nigeria or institutions operating in Nigeria responsible, that they must as matter of urgent national importance, there is urgency, to immediately demobilize all 5G networks within the parameter space of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

This is not a propaganda; it is the reaction from this 5G that has biological interactions with human cells; and I have seen plants close to where they installed 5G masks and these plants are drying up. We have seen animals close to the masks dying as a reaction of the 5G technology. 5G technology is evil; 5G technology is a killer; 5G technology is what is helping to mobilize flu and come to cause coronavirus.

And this is also helping to kill the immune system. So, those with weaker immune system, those with underlying medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, they are easily consumed by this 5G technology and they die.

We can stop this killing if we can globally stop the mobilization of the 5G technology. The president must stand up …we must set up a presidential panel to make sure that any deployment of 5G is immediately stopped and whatever cable that has been buried under the ground or mask that have been erected must be completely brought down. We have no other place to call our country than this country and we must as a matter of urgent national importance take action immediately…