Covid-19: Meet Nigerian professor with cure and daring proposal for isolation centre drama

Another claimant has come forward with a cure for Covid-19, and this time, it is a Nigerian, a professor of microbiology, raring to go, unprotected, into an isolation centre to treat 10 patients.

Ayodele Isreal Adeleye, however, stated that the procedures set out by federal government for submission and verification of herbal drugs for treating the infection are unnecessary in an emergency.

The parasitologist remarked while presenting his herbal drug to the Dadi Nantim Mullah, coordinator, NAFDAC office, Kaduna.

Adeleye proposed getting into an isolation centre, with no PPE, to treat five patients in critical states, and five others. He wanted cameramen to cover it.

According to him, the drug has been fully labelled and information on the awareness on Covid-19 and other virus research like Lassa, Ebola and Hiv viruses are also attached.

“The drug gives protection (immunity) from further infection. Uninfected patients will also enjoy the same immunity and protection after taking it,” he said, assuring the cure begins a day after treatment.

While WHO insists there are no cure for the infection now, scientists all over the world are in the race to develop drugs and vaccine to cure the infection.