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Dear Nigerians: Mikel retires, Ighalo retires and President Buhari prefers this to the Face App trend



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Dear Nigerians,
Congratulations, we got the 3rd place medal of AFCON 2019. It was a good (good not great)  outing.
We ended the show with Bronze medals. When you consider the number of young players in the squard and those who are having their first AFCON outing in the colours of the Super Eagles. You see a reason to be happy with the Bronze.
Officially we are the Kings Of Bronze. No Africa Team has won more Bronze in the history of the tournament than Nigeria.
While it’s something to encourage the youngsters. We should be careful not to allow the spirit of bronze to hold us down.
We will miss Mikel Obi. This last outing was a send forth for him. He will be remembered for his service. And I am sure he will appreciate the opportunity given to him to serve his nation.
Odion Ighalo is quitting. Yes, that’s how I see it. At such age he shouldn’t be retiring. He waited for the right time though. Unlike Victor Moses, Odion is quitting with a bang.
But here is the thing. We will remember Mikel Obi in the same class of thought we remember the likes of Kanu Nwakwo. We will remember Odion and Moses as quitters. Odion —a little bit more glorious than Moses though (even though, Moses had the potential to write more glorious history for himself).
Every Nigerian footballer would usually willingly sacrifice their left eyes and left testicles just to play for the Super Eagles. That’s usually the situation, unless you hold a dual citizenship and you are good enough to play top class football for any team.
Samuel Kalu,  Samuel Chukwueze need to improve their games. They have the potentials but at the moment they still have a lot of work to do. The future is bright. They can rule the world.
I wish them well.
Meanwhile, I would also like to pass an important info.
You can call it the info of the year. The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has taken time out of his heavy schedule to sign and approve a new photoshopped portrait to be used at all public spaces.
Do not take this info any lightly. This is one of the most important duties he has carried out since making him the ruler of the most populous black nation.
We will add this to the number of achievements, when we campaign for the next party flag bearer, at the end of this 4-year tenure.
Until then, cheers.
Your Federal Portrait spotter,
P.S: This presidential decision has become paramount since the trend of the Face App. We don’t want our public spaces and buildings carrying a Face App version of the President. Beside, what we have now is the President’s old face. Anything more will be provocative. It’s a sin to see how a 90 year old person will look like when he is old. He is already old.

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