DEBORAH: Sokoto youth organising protest, tension brewing

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Following the arrest by police of two among the killers of college student Deborah Samuel accused of blasphemy, some Muslim youths are planning a protest in Sokoto to demand the suspect release.

Deborah was stoned to death, and her body burnt for vand burnt to death for blaspheming Prophet Mohammed during the week.

In a notice circulating online, the youths agreed to meet at the Gawon Nama Roundabout by 9am.

The date of the meeting was not stated in the e-flyer written in Hausa.

“We are calling on Muslims in Sokoto State to gather where there was a riot to save brethren in Islam that are battling the faith of Islam and upholding the respect of prophet of Allah S.A.W,” the flyer read in Hausa.

Sokoto Gov Aminu Tambuwal is meeting with Islamic leaders and others in the state.

Sokoto Sultan and head of Muslims in Nigeria Emir Abubakar Sa’ad condemned the killing, and called for justice.