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Designa Individual Watches On The Importance And Impact Of Customer Feedback On Business Growth



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A good business is one that listens to those it claims to serve. If you are a shoe manufacturer, you value the comfort of your customer’s feet.
As a furniture designing store, you value your customer’s sense of aesthetics. And as a bespoke watch manufacturer, you value the value people place on their watches.
To accomplish this, every business must listen to its customers. For Garmany-based Designa Individual Watches, customer feedback has been the backbone of their growth.
When you find your life’s purpose, it makes sense to do it well. For Designa Individual Watches or DiW, the best way to do their job well is to listen to their customers. Their brand manager, Gleb Karlsen, believes that “the industry defines the customer as much as the customer defines the industry.
 Watch-making has been perceived as art by makers and wearers alike. A good watch says volumes about your perspective on life. It’s so much more than a fashion statement.
It might well be a way of life. And that’s something people take more seriously than anything else. And therefore, have a great deal of clarity and opinions on how they’d like their watch to be.
This does not curb the creative process. In fact, it allows for a new form of creativity to take over. And our seasoned watch-makers have created such masterpieces based on customer feedback that as a business, it makes complete sense to us to listen to them and listen well.”
As a high-end watch customization brand, DiW is in no rush. And its customers understand and value that. According to DiW’s Gleb, their customers value the “time we take because it also gives them a chance to articulate their needs and comment on the product as it’s coming along.
This equation where the clients feel they are heard, and their voices are adhered to gives us the mental space we need to even exceed their expectations. Our business is a business of creating beauty in value.
And our experts make it their mission to incorporate the client’s feedback into their work to produce something magical and lasting. When we open our ears to our clients, we develop a healthy relationship because clients can rest easy knowing that their expectations have been understood and will be met.”
Customer feedback has indeed helped DiW become the unique brand it is.

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