Distress call, Nigeria Air is already in debts

Save the Distress Ex-Workers of liquidated Nigeria Airways Ltd’ Nigerians cry out.
The new Nigeria Air may have started with great optimism. But the debt of its predecessor, Nigeria Airways, may yet be against its goodwill.
Between 2003 to date, over 844 old staffers of Nigeria Airways met their untimely death due to sicknesses and ailment. These deaths came about due to their inabilities to fund their medical bills. Since their backlogs were withheld by the FG.
Approval to pay the staffers their backlog was given by the FEC since September 2017, but as at this moment the Ex-Workers of liquidated Nigeria Airways ltd have not received any dime. Just like the HMSA admit on Channels TV Sunrise program of 20th July 2018 that indeed the ex-workers were not given due attention but promised that they’ll soon be paid.
But the HMSA has made such promises in past, from 2017 to date with no result. Minister of finance has frustrated every move to pay the ex-workers their entitlement through the budgetary provisions and consolidated federal revenue account, because NAL was govt agency but took long process of borrowing euro bond instrument with a long process of going through NASS to amend or withdrawal of fiscal responsibility act and replace it with promissory note and bond issuance program.
In September 20th, 2017, after the FEC meeting, both HMSA and HMOF announced publicly that N45 billion for the payment of ex-workers of liquidated Nigeria Airways has been approved and funds for the payment would be sources through the sales of government treasury bills and bonds.
So, what happened? because the 90 days treasury bills and bonds for the last quarter of 2017 matured 14th December 2017 and it was on record that over N2.7 trillion was realized from that sales but they (MOF) did not consider it necessary to pay them after all the promises by the highest organ of govt’s decision making and approval.
The issue of the payment of entitlement of ex-workers of Nigeria Airways has been a big national embarrassment to this government and the past.
Foreign workers, non Nigerian workers in America. Europe, and even Ghana were paid salaries for 25 years immediately after the liquidation of Nigeria Airways in 2003.
The saying that Charity begins at home may just not work with these owed and suffering ex-workers of liquidated Nigeria Airways.