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Dybala teaches Ronaldo a lesson he will never forget



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In a match we all saw. When Juventus Boss, Sarri showed bravery in subbing Cristiano Ronaldo. In that Juve versus AC Milan bout that was almost ending in Juve dropping 2 points until Dybala came in to win all 3 points. In that game, Ediale saw something no one else is looking at. Read the letter addressed to you our readers at

Dear You,

Ever heard about the word called ‘Sojunu’ before?


It’s a football technique that means “pass the ball without looking at direction of the pass”.

Masters of the skill are Jay Jay Okocha (he probably invented it), Ronaldinho and my CDSS school mate (Solomon Adeyemi).

But we have a new version here (see photo). Ronaldo and Dybala gave us an excellent version. No one has ever done this version “where the passer of the ball and the receiver of the ball both look away from the passing activity”.

The only problem though is this was done without the ball.

Ronaldo, who was thinking of what to do to Sarri (for daring to substitute him in match against AC Milan), was boiling and swelling with bad energy as he stepped on the line for the sub, looking away.

Dybala, who knew he would make sure the sub was for good by scoring the winning goal, decided to look away too. Because this was not going to be time for sentiments. And like we say in Nigeria, Lagos precisely, ‘ma woju uche’.

It means don’t look at Uche’s face.

Apparently, there’s a certain folklore or mythology, that tells of a street tout who had an angry face that anyone that doesn’t want a piece of such danger face was advised to avoid having eye contact with the tout.

Dybala looked away, he took the advice hook, line and sinker.

And they stretched their arms to have the traditional substitution hand-shake in a “Sojunu” style.

Dybala scored.

And this is a life lesson.

Most times we have the opportunity to become the star. What do we do when the opportunity comes?

Do we focus on the pitch?

Do we look into the future and commit to doing what we must do to get our goals achieved?

Or we start looking at the outgoing star?

Kenis Music was the king of the record labels at one point.


When records like Mo’hits and EME came through…

They didn’t have time looking at “Uche’s face”.

They took their shine with both hands and that was it.

If Wizkid was still looking at Banky W’s face by now he will still be a potential StarBoy.

Messi didn’t start looking at Ronaldinho’s face when it was time for him to wear the number 10. He took it and started performing right away.

Life will bring you to the touchline. That point when you need to cross over the pitch of your career, of your goal, of your business, of your field…

And you will see that star that life has always placed above you (either by chance, by age, by financial strength, by destiny). Will you take the chance? Or start praising the star and do nothing? Will you take your place or be so modest and give it up? Will you take the challenge or will you be too scared to take up the call?

Dybala…in respect, in admiration…in all offered the customary hand-shake. That’s all you owe them.

Don’t be rude. Don’t be terrible. Greet but go on the pitch of your destiny and score the goal.

The winning goal.

Your Winning Goal spotter,



PS: And if you are the outgoing champion, what do you do? I’ll tell you what Ronaldo did but I don’t think it was the best. He went straight to the dressing room, took his shower and drove straight home to have angry sex with his partner.