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Expert decries dearth of physiotherapists in nation’s hospitals



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Dr Uchenna Oluwatosin, Head of Department of Physiotherapy at the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Umuahia, on Monday decried the dearth of physiotherapists in the nation’s hospitals.

She said that it was lamentable that even the few physiotherapists available were moving out to greener pastures.

She said many of those still available were unemployed.

“Some of them are doing home service not affordable by many.

“On the average, it takes about N15,000 to N20,000 for home visit, whereas if a patient comes to the hospital, the same money will cover seven to eight visits,’’ she added.

Oluwatosin, who said she had practised physiotherapy for more than two decades at FMC, Umuahia, said the hospital was in dire need of physiotherapists.

She said that the centre had only eight physiotherapists, whereas it needed at least 50 of such professionals for maximum impact.

“We need the minimum of 20 physiotherapists at the FMC, Umuahia,’’ she said.

Oluwatosin explained that in physiotherapy about 30 minutes to one hour was required to give a patient maximum attention.

“When you have about 30 patients and there are two physiotherapists in a whole day, you can imagine what would happen,’’ she stressed.