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Exposed: The Wike Script, plans to rebuild a new hotel



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Nigerian senator, author, playwright, and human rights activist, Shehu Sani has foreseen that Governor Nyesom Wike who demolished two hotels in Rivers State will be the same person to build them back once it is time for re-election.
He tweeted: “The Hotel demolished by Sitting Governor Wike today will be rebuilt by Outgoing Governor Wike tomorrow.”
According to online interpreters, Shehu Sani who intentionally did not come out straight for reasons best known to him, understands the gimmick in the whole drama. “The message here is that it could all be a script written by Wike and to be executed by the hotelier and it will be a win-win for the two. Wike will look unbiased and the man will get a new and better hotel. They are both PDP guys and he might have requested for new Hotel before”.
Another user, Mr. Cash (@sogircash) replied:
“Everything is scripted The owner of the Hotel is one of them so they think the Hotel is getting old. Them use COVID-19 scope demolish then government money will do the rebuild we all gonna be alright in this country”