Fani-Kayode attacks Dele Momodu for dumping Atiku, calling Buhari messiah

Ovation publisher Dele Momodu seems a marked man, and he’s just beginning to know it.

For calling President Muhammadu Buhari father of the nation, and tweeting he is the only one that can stop the imminent implosion of Nigeria, the former presidential candidate got fanged by a PDP operative many have come to know as an attack dog.

“Buhari is not the father of the nation: he is the father of the Fulani!” Femi Fani-Kayode countered in a tweet Sunday night.

“Buhari cannot stop the imminent explosion because he is the cause of it!

That wasn’t the first time Fani-Kayode would jump down the throat of the stocky publisher. Nor was it the first time Momodu, a loyalist of PDP’s presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar, would be irritating the bartering ram Fani-Kayode—and, of course, his partner Reno Omokri—by deferring to Buhari in the slightest manner.

Momodu was the first itchy finger to tweet that Atiku should call Buhari, and concede defeat shortly after INEC announced the winner and result of the Feb 23 presidential election the APC candidate Buhari won.

Omokri immediately took on Momodu for such eye service, arguing the publisher could have called Atiku and advised him privately.

Momodu had to bite his tongue, and let things slide.

He was equally speechless in the weekend brush with Fani-Kayode.

Apparently, the publisher can’t handle the rage of the two PDP fire plugs.