“”Fight like you have a manhood,” Ozekhome advises Osinbajo

Mike Ozekhome, SAN and human rights lawyer, has offered his advice to the beleaguered vice president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo,  to fight dirty—in court or outside.
The advice, however, has some undertones.
There are reports all over the media that over 30 presidential aides attached to the vice president were disengaged by President Buhari without Osinbajo’s knowledge.
Ozekhome, reacting, said he predicted the sack of Osinbajo’s aides. He then offered the VP two options.
“The first option is to get ready to pull his punches and fight like a man that has manhood. He should fight squarely, frontally and brutally like a man with manhood,” he told the Daily Independent.
“The second option is that he should honourably resign as vice president of Nigeria before they pour more ashes on his head and before they bespatter his white garment with more mud and more excrement.”
According to him, besides these two options, nothing else.
He cited the first instance in the first term of former President Olusegun Obasanjo and his vice president, Atiku Abubakar.
 “Nigerians are aware Atiku fought his then boss both in the courts and at the political scene which saved him from being humiliated out of office.”
The senior lawyer said Osinbajo himself should have seen it— a situation where  Buhari can send his vice president to go and witness the turbaning of a small chief, and documents are being sent to the president to sign Nigerian laws in London.
“It is a clear case that when the market is on fire, you do not tell the deaf and the blind. They will know when they feel the heat.”