Gov. Ahmed second-guesses his interview on leaving APC

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    Kwara State Gov. Abdulfatah Ahmed on Tuesday said he and his godfather are not planning to leave the ruling APC contrary too media report that followed an interview the governor granted recently.
    In a statement by his spokesperson,  the governor said insinuation that they were to leave the APC was untrue.
    Muyideen Akorede said the governor was only stating the conditions under which he and other political stakeholders in the state left the PDP.
    The two claimed they left the PDP because of impunity, disregard for the rule of law and lack of inclusiveness in the party at the time following extensive consultations with stakeholders and supporters.
    But mow, Ahmed said he, Saraki, other stakeholders and supporters were committed to the APC. He added that they currently had no intention to return to the PDP.
    He also advised those within the APC urging him and Saraki to hasten their exit from the party to educate themselves with that interview.
    He commended Buhari for his strides in governing the country and for the unprecedented federal projects in Kwara State, which he added, were aided by the intervention of Saraki.