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Governor Aminu Tambuwal: Sokoto’s future of fortunes



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By Victor James

It has not been my forte to write a tribute in honor of anyone except of course, for my only daughter, Déjà Moné, who turned 24, last December, 28. But Aminu, who is beloved by youths across the spectrum of Nigeria’s political divide, has just changed the tide for me. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, the amiable lawyer and ally comes in various parts, forms and contexts. Introverted by fate, amiable by disposition and unassuming by simplicity. Sometimes, the qualities of a great leader can be perceived even from a distant place, such as where this piece is being constructed, which is in a school compound, in New Jersey, the United States of America.

His Excellency, Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal has carved a niche for self and principles, driven by vision and belief in a great Nigeria whose future remains in the hands and convictions of the people. As a caliphalscion, he believes to each according to equity and the common brotherhood of mankind. He is a thorough bred of a first class order and a true son and scholar in the development of a modern democratic paradigm in the new Nigerian project.

From his humble beginning and leani: ng to scholarship, Aminu Tambuwal is among the rare class of citizens who believe in the classic of “survive together or, no one is left behind. Time without number, when occasion demands for fairness and courage, the governor who is an erudite advocate, has boldly and strongly defended the rights of the people unperturbed by the negative repercussion he could earn from misconception.

When he was at the National Assembly before his ascension as governor, six years ago, he showed great statesmanship and a canny ability to work with humility and candor with his colleagues irrespective of which part of the country they came from, for the common good of all Nigerians. A man with so much love for the unity and oneness of Nigeria as a great and cooperating nation of individual talents and skills. He is a consensus builder loved by many.

Therefore, it may be safe to say that the people of Sokoto State were persuaded by the value in the man, that they found him worthy of their votes and mandate, safe with their trust, to lead them again as governor for a second term. The virtues of this great Nigerian can never be exhausted with a token write up such as this,but can be witnessed, and or vouched for, by everyone who knows and sees him up close and personal.

Particularly impressive is his commitment to educational development of the “less” and privileged. Building and rehabilitating nearly a million classrooms, equipped with learning support facilities, this last may not have been heard of the incubating future of fortunes from Sokoto. Dedicating 26% of the State’s budget to education is a rare but worthy example. Several sectors in the State such as health, agriculture, water supply among others are undergoing silent revolution.

I salute you Governor Aminu Tambuwal on your 54th birthday and pray that you will continue to use your wisdom and intellect, to impact on all Nigerians both home and abroad, with your charismatic, stainless and unalloyed leadership skills. The blessings of God shall be upon you and may his Mercy continue to be with yourfamily and those you govern.

May it be well with your colleagues who also found you worthy of representing them as Chair of the ad hoc Governor’s forum and the various rols that you are playing within the Nigerian space. Please sustain the team work by creating platforms for mentorship, patriotism and people centric service  in our beautiful and great country of possibilities

And, lest I forget: how about that victory of yours at the Supreme Court of Nigeria, the other day?. That too, calls for a bigger celebration, if you know what I mean. My father used to tell me, that the person who laughed last, laughed the best. You are right Nnam, and I concur. Aminu Carry Go!

• Dr. James is based in New York City.

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