Here is why judges break their pen after passing a death sentence

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Since the existence of legal courts, the custom of breaking the nib of a pen after awarding a death sentence has been followed by Judges all around the world. But do you know why they do it?

There is more than one reason why judges around the world resorts to this action after he/she has passed the judgement.

Here’s why this practice is followed in courtrooms: 

Breaking the nib is a symbolic act. It is done so that the pen which signed the person’s life away will never be used to do that ever again.

A death sentence, in principle, is a last resort action in handling extremely anti-social acts that cannot be resolved through any other means.

The nib is broken in order to do away with the tainted pen (having ordered the death of an individual). This act is carried out by the presiding judge as a form of bridging himself/herself from the judgment and the guilt of the same.

Ordinarily Judges have no powers to revoke the judgment once it has been written and signed. Therefore the nib is as well damaged so that the judge may not have a second thought towards the judgment.

Death sentence is a very sorrowful and painful act, but sometimes necessary thing and breaking the pen used to carry it out, expresses the feeling.