How to avoid unauthorised debit by fraudsters from your Bank account

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It is no news that there are fraudsters out there whose aim is to defraud unsuspecting and uninformed people of thier savings.

It is on a rampage as we close the year because these set of people want to close the year living large. Therefore, it is imperative that everyone is at alert and does not give any loophole for fraudsters to gain access into bank accounts. Below are few things to do to avoid being defrauded;

1. Never give out your account details to anybody either known or unknown. Many commit this error by divulging their account details such as card PAN, card PIN, CVV, etc to strangers who gave them a random call. On no account should you call out these information to any stranger even if (s)he claim(s)he  is calling from your bank. No bank official will ever call to request for such sensitive details.

Also, never trust any friend and acquaintance with your account details. They may wipe off your savings without you knowing.

2. Never give out your account number to anyone you do not trust to receive funds. Many BVN today have been watchlisted simply because they have received fraudulent funds into their accounts unknowingly. Some have had to refund the money they never spent in order avoid being blacklisted or watchlisted

3. In a situation whereby you have divulged your details, ensure you contact your bank immediately to report in order to salvage your funds. Also, In a situation whereby the funds have been wiped off, ensure you still contact your bank on order to delete all e-channels and safeguard your account else, it will reoccur or the fraudsters can continue to use the account as a transit or passage for other fraudulent funds or activities.

4. Do not click on any mail you are not sure of the source. Ensure you report to your bank anytime you detect fake email addresses posing to be from your bank.

5. Do not be greedy. There are some promos that are too good to be true. Do not be carried away by end of the year offers that sets to make you rich quick or win big. Many are in the bid to defraud you.