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I dated Burna Boy – Nollywood lady



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Yes you got it right. It’s the same Princess Shyngle, the controversial tiny-waist Gambia-born Nollywood Actress, who is based in Ghana. She’s always in the news for one reason or the other, and this time she is particularly in the news because of a Q&A session she did on Instagram, yesterday.
Princess Shyngle said she was ready to clarify any rumour the first 20 people can ask about her. Many many questions popped in, and while most of it were about her removing her rib which she refuted on every occasion, some reasonable questions came in.
One of the questions which has been trending is about her sexuality, which she confirmed that she’s bisexual, and not a lesbian. She also said it’s true that she been hooking up with sugar daddies .
But the one that is even more newsworthy is she confirming that she dated Burna Boy in the past. It was reported that her relationship with Burna Boy kicked off in 2018 while he was still dating Steflon Don, and while it used to sound like a rumour, well this won’t be the first time Princess Shyngle will be confirming.
So if there is anyone who is still doubting if the “Dangote” singer, Burna Boy, used to be involved with the Ghana-based actress, well, here is your proof!

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