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I look beyond my gender as a female DJ — DJ Nana



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Nana Abedoh popularly known as DJ Nana hails from Kogi state and currently based in Lagos. Ediale Kingsley wonders what makes her tough in a field heavily dominated by the males. Enjoy.

Why DJ?
Loving music is just the right reason for anyone to choose disc jockey as a profession, but mine, it was part of the reasons. I loved music and I loved to dance. I also loved parties and I started being a DJ when it was obvious entertainment makes me happy. I always knew I belonged in entertainment but I definitely didn’t know what I was going to do there, I danced at that time. But as time went on, I knew I wanted to be an entertainer. Then I attended a street carnival and saw someone djing and said to myself, why not me? And it started from there.

You are into music too, so what inspired that?
My friend Benie Macaulay had a beat and asked me to listen to it, I told him I liked it and he said I could have it. At that time, I wasn’t sure I was ready for my song yet. But I always told anyone who cared to listen that if I was to do a song, I’ll love to work with Omawunmi. And after my conversation with Benie, I took the next step. Most of the things I do are based on what comes in and out of my life at a particular point in time. I got in touch with Omawunmi and without any hesitation, she was very good.

What was your Inspiration?
I can’t lay my hands on inspiration. I just did what I felt was next for me and my career.

Should a formal education matter in this line of business?
I attended Lea primary school in Abuja and then to model secondary, Maitama. Then was relocated to Lagos and transferred to Saint Joseph Secondary School. And did diploma in law in Lasu after that I preceded to National Open University where I am presently. So I guess that explains it all. Education opens your mind and empowers you towards a lot.

Which of the DJ’s in the entertainment industry inspires you the most?
In Nigeria, it’s definitely my mentor DJ Jimmy Jatt then outside Nigeria, Steve Oike and DJ Skrillex.

What would you say about being a female DJ, how has it been?
It has been great. Though I don’t see myself as a female DJ, I’m a DJ, my sex doesn’t make any difference. And just like anyone striving for success, there are definitely ups and downs. So I try to be strong and face my downs when they come and grateful either ways, Good or bad.

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Are you single or still up for grabs by men?
No I’m not single.

Are we seeing you getting married soon?
Nooo. Not at all.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
As long as it still remains a mystery how I came into existence, I have no idea when I’m going to die, so I barely plan or anticipate for what’s ahead. I just let God take the wheels and lead the way.

How do you see fashion?
Fashion to me is what you feel comfortable in. If you feel good in it, go with it.

Let’s drag you out a bit. What is your take on abortion and early marriage?
In every way, I think abortion is killing. And it’s wrong in every way. As much as it can be avoided, why not avoid it? I don’t think the mistake is worth it at all. And as for marriages, as long as one is an adult (18+), it’s a personal decision. If you feel you can handle it, then o well!!!

How do you deal with your male counterparts in the DJ world?
All of them support me and it’s amazing. .. I’m pretty much cool with everyone, so far, I don’t think I have gotten any negative vibe from my male counterparts or maybe I’m just not looking, but that’s because I feel loved and haven’t had any reason to feel unwanted or uncomfortable. So yeh! We cool.

What’s your most embarrassing moment?
I was playing at a wedding and when it was time for the couples to dance, my sound system went off. It took some time before they could get it fixed. I was agitated. Eventually it was fixed. But everyone kept shouting ‘dj’ ‘dj’ not knowing the dj doesn’t control the sound system. It was really bad but we bounced back and did a great job after all.

What’s your pep-talk to young girls?
Girls need to locate God. I don’t understand how anyone living on earth and doesn’t know God do it, but I was once lost, and after looking everywhere, I eventually went hard on my faith and prayers cause that was all I had and I regret looking every other way cause God never failed. My advice to anyone that cares to listen is find God, trust God, listen to God, believe God and allow Him show you who you are and where you rightly belong.

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