I will quit Lagos PDP chairmanship only if… – Segun Adewale

By Lanre Adesanya
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leadership at the National level has been counseled not to align with forces hell bent on destroying the Lagos State Chapter of the party through attempt to impose the next State Chairman in flagrant abuse of constitutionally stipulated avenues provided for such to subsist.
A stakeholder and chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos State, Otunba Segun Adewale popularly known as Aeroland, gave the advice while  interacting with some leaders in Ikeja, at a forum held to tackle the multidimensional problems and crisis rocking the party in the state as he appreciated the fact that a stooge of Chief Bode George in the person of  Dr Adegbola Dominic who has been a clog in the wheel of Lagos PDP’s progress has been shown the door,declaring that he would quit holding the party chairmanship only when the process is not flawed.
He insisted that the next State Chairman must emerge in compliance with proviso afforded in Section 47(6) of the party’s constitution, as he urged the party’s leadership to ignore all those coming to lobby with names, an attendant of which will further escalate the crisis in the State Chapter of the party.
Adewale unequivocally affirmed that given the turn of events the National leadership can clearly see that where individuals like; Chief Bode George, Dr. Eddy Olafefo, Chief Mrs Maina and others are coming to fly different names (more than four) instead of one as agreed by the State Executive Committee, clearly paves way for  fresh crisis to fester in the party.
 “This is the same method and pattern they have been using which has grounded the party since 1999 because they refused to allow those who can move the party forward to emerge, they have been destabilizing the party, it is an affront for anyone to go against credible process of choosing a Chairman.
“The State Executive committee (SEC) are the only people empowered to do so and not any leader, because such moves will amount to disregard for constituted authority.
“Elect your Chairman now as you have been empowered by the constitution and send the name to the national for adoption and documentation.
” The State Executive Committee should rise to occasion and take charge of their duties because they cannot be spoon fed all the time,they need to call for an emergency meeting to decide who will be the next Chairman,
must you request for approval to exercise your right as entrenched in the party’s constitution?” Adewale queried.
According to Adewale,Dominic created so much problems for the party from the day a letter was issued to him to lead the party in Acting Capacity for just three months, which expired in December 2018.
“I still find it so difficult to understand why some people are still following them (Bode George camp), because these people have led the party astray since 1999, anyone still following them is an enemy of PDP because they don’t mean well for the interest and progress of the party in Lagos State.
“Those who are interested in the State Chairmanship must be ready to lead as team players, armed with required political experience and connections, and the ability to reform the party from the present ruin without being puppet to any self style godfather, because that is the only way the party can move forward in the State.
” We cannot afford to continue to reinforce failure in Lagos PDP again as we head to 2023″, Adewale posited.
“I am aware that some people have been running to the National headquarters to lobby with different names, this effort in futility is what has grounded the party in Lagos State because of refusal to follow what constitution says.
“For avoidance of doubt and a reminder, here is what PDP Constitution says in replacing vacant position for a Chairman and to serve out the remaining part of the time of the original Chairman that created the vacancy:
“Chapter Seven, Section 47(6) says” “Where a vacancy occurs in any of the offices of the Party, the Executive Committee at the appropriate level (Lagos PDP State Executive Committee in this case) shall appoint another person from the area or zone where the officer originated from, pending the conduct of election to fill the vacancy”
“The State Executive Committee (SEC) has been empowered by the above provision to do the needful, all those running from pillar to post should not create further confusion for the party because, if the right things are not done, the crisis in the party will continue and I (Adewale) will continue to be the Chairman of the party.
“My resolve to quit is only based on if the party allows another Chairman to emerge through a credible and democratic process, my  letter of appointment and court rulings are still valid.
“There must be an end to reign and culture of impunity in Lagos PDP, those who feels that they can lobby and install a puppet to continue to defraud the party will be stopped by every means possible, until sanity and due process is allowed in the party in Lagos State”, Adewale reiterated.