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INEC reacts to Davido’s comment on Adeleke’s Certificate of Return



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Popular Nigerian artist Davido requested a response from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) regarding how long it would take to provide a Certificate of Return.

48 hours after being proclaimed the victor of the Osun governorship election, Davido reportedly asked the electoral body why it had not given his uncle the certificate of return. This was according to an earlier report from Naija News.

The governor-nephew elect inquired with INEC about the cost of fuel to travel to the state and deliver the certificate of return to the governor-elect.

Festus Okoye, the INEC spokesman, said in a statement on Tuesday that the law does not require the Commission to award a certificate to the election winner within 48 hours.

Okoye stated that because the Commission was established by the Constitution, the electoral agency has up to 14 days to provide the winner with the certificate.

He further stated that the Supervising National Commissioner, who is in charge of presenting the certificate, is still in Osun awaiting its arrival.

However, Davido received harsh criticism from Okoye for implying that the Commission does not want to provide his uncle’s certificate.

The declaration reads: “Those who interfere and take part in the electoral process should endeavor to have a basic understanding of the governing legislative frameworks that direct and regulate election administration.”

“The Commission is a public trust established by the Constitution and the law, and it is required to be seen to meet public demands for openness and transparency.”

“The Commission will keep upholding the fundamental principles of inclusivity, transparency, and fairness in the administration of elections and the provision of electoral services.”

The Commission will not be influenced by partisan political interests because it is not a political party. According to Section 72 of the Electoral Act of 2022, every candidate who has been returned by the Returning Officer in an election under the Act must receive a sealed certificate of return at the election in the required form within 14 days.


On July 18, 2022, the Commission held the Osun Governorship Election. On July 19, 2022, Sunday, the returning officer made a declaration and a return. The majority of the commission’s employees that oversaw the election have just arrived back in Abuja.

“The Supervising National Commissioner, who is in charge of delivering the certificate of return, is still in Osun awaiting its delivery.

“It is uncharitable to imply that the Commission does not wish to award the winner of the election with a Certificate of Return.” The Commission made the Declaration and the Return.

“The Commission is not required by law to provide a certificate to any candidate within 48 hours.” Those who have the power to sway public opinion, especially during elections, should endeavor to arm themselves with a basic understanding of the law and the Commission’s processes and procedures.”

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