Kidnappers den uncovered near Police HQ in Abuja

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A kidnapper den has been uncovered near the Police Headquarters in Abuja, a trending video has revealed.
According to the video, a resident of Abuja was seen filming the whole area alleged to be occupied by kidnappers around the Nigerian Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.
The unidentified man filmed the location that was allegedly occupied by kidnappers around Abuja.
The man pointed at the smoke and flames arising from the bush which was across the busy road in Abuja. He suggested that the smoke was the location of the kidnapper’s hideouts in the area.
He slowly walked around the road to show the location where the kidnappers sheltered which was allegedly close to the headquarters of security operatives in Abuja.
“Imagine, within Abuja”, a kidnapper hideout. This place is not safe. How can a whole kidnapper be bold enough to reside in the capital, the man lamented.
“See police headquarters and they have the mind to do something like this” a lady revealed in the video.