Kogi: Gov Yahaya begs APC state executive for mercy in closed-door meeting


Having being rejected by the AC National Workig Committee and the presidency, Kogi Gov Yahaya Bello has turned to the state executives for small mercies.

None is coming his way, though.

Some members of the executives denied endorsing him for the November 6 election after a meeting on the weekend, contrary to what was in the news.

The members, led by the party’s secretary in the state, Mr Salam Adejo, spoke at a press conference in Abuja on Sunday.

According to him, it was true that party executives and those that worked for Bello in 2015 had discussion with him on Saturday in Abuja, the issue of endorsement was not part of the meeting’s agenda.

“Our discussion ended on the need for peace so that the party could move forward. He said he needed sincere peace and we agreed on terms. There was nothing like endorsement,” said Adejo.

“The governor, at the meeting, requested that the case in court against him be withdrawn.

“We told him there were some processes to be followed. The issue of withdrawing the case is subject to another negotiation.”

Adejo said it was not in their position to endorse any aspirants because “the party’s governorship ticket was open to every qualifed party member.

“We did not endorse anyone and we are not planning to. The party’s ticket is open to everyone in the party,” he added.

Bello had boasted earlier on he owned the APC in the state, and nobody could stampede him.