Koulibaly: I will like to be as wise as Ancelotti when I grow up 

Kalidou Koulibaly, defender of Napoli, after the match against PSG spoke at the Sky Sport microphone: “I’m studying to be better and better, it’s difficult to play these games because there are some level players. We have to grow up, we know that there is still work to be done, it is always difficult to play against Liverpool and PSG, we have to stay focused until the end. stay more focused, it’s still a good draw against a team full of players who can win the Golden Ball “. The PSG in the first half put you under. “PSG is a strong team, we want to win the Champions League, we were expecting it, even though we were under good conditions, then in the second half we took the field with less fear and more courage. 3 goals, we were happy with the draw, we could have scored the second goal, but the PSG is very strong and we did well “. You grew up from that bad test in Madrid (two editions ago, ed). “With time I grew up with the team, now I’m approaching them with less fear, and I hope to go even better in the next matches”. On his way to understand the role: “I like the one against one, I’m a defender who likes the duels, but now I have to put a little ‘head because sometimes I go a bit’ out. ‘get angry when he sees me get out of the ball at the foot (laughs, ed) “. You said that when you grow up you would like to be like Ancelotti. “As a man, before being a great coach, he’s a respectable person, he’s humble, at the training there were the young people of Spring and he greeted them before starting, it’s an incredible surprise for me. There are still decent people in the world I hope that when I’m older I’ll be as wise as he is “.