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Late Keshi was Nigerian’s No1  Coach – Mudashiru



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Jimoh Mudashiru, a Nigeria-born striker who last  played for Samity FC in India, has revealed his burning desire to play for the NPFL and the national team, he spoke with Esther Egbe 

Tell us how you started football as a career?

I started football when I was still in secondary school. The love and the passion of the game give me joy. It’s been fun and great achievement all the way in this wonderful career that chose me.

Where did you play first before you traveled out of the country?

I stared playing with Mundial Sports International (MSI) football club at Isolo,in Lagos State.

How long have you been playing for Southern Samity in India?

I have been playing for two years for Samity now. But I will also love to play for my country and its local league.

Can you compare our kind of league in Nigeria with India’s?

In the India league, their belief is that as a striker you must score week in week out. They don’t much believe in team work. Just go there and get results. I think Nigeria league is more interesting than the Indian league.

What do you think about our local league?

Nigeria league is improving daily, and getting more interesting. Fans are coming out in masses to watch and sponsors are showing more interest in the game, that is a big improvement.

What league club in Nigeria, would you love to play for? If you have opportunity?


I will really love to play for this great local league club, Enyimba FC and Warri Wolves.This two team are one of the biggest and popular club that are making big waves in the football business in Nigeria.

Give us an insight into how they operate there?

In India all they want is results.So as a speed player, I like taking on defenders. My target every time is to score goals, and that’s what they want to see in India league—-your strength and power.

Why did you choose football and why India club?

I would have loved to be a banker, if I wasn’t a footballer. Like I said earlier on football makes me happy. We have a lot of good players in Nigeria and it’s difficult for one to be recognized easily so I had to go play in India first, just to develop my football CV.

What have you achieved since you have been playing the game?

To God be the glory for the little I have achieved. It’s just a matter of time. I will achieve all my set goal for this career.

How can you rate Nigerian Football?

Nigeria football is becoming the most popular in Africa. It’s excellent and I am proud I am from here. Most other African countries respect us because of the way we play. We are strong and focus.

The way forward in the game?

Nigerians should go back to grassroots football. From there, they can develop Nigeria’s future
Would you love to play for the national team, if you are called to come over?

Sure. That is the dream of every player to play for the country will be my joy.

When was your most memorable and worst moment on the game?


When I first traveled to Iranfor trial, I was very depressed because the transfer window has closed. I think I should have made it there. That was my worst moment. My memorable moment was when I signed my first contract in India. Since I have been playing in India for three years I have never had any injury.

Where do you want to see yourself in two years from now?

I will love to be in Europe, playing for a good club. That is the dream of every Nigerian player.

Who are your mentors?

I love Joseph Adeseun. He plays in China. He has been my mentor all the way.

Who is the coach who made a lot of impact in your career?

The man who brought out the best in me ,was coach Tope Fuja with Mohammadiam Sporting of India. He is a Nigerian coaching few teams there. He was like a father and friend to me.

What do you think about late  Coach Stephen Keshi?

I love the late Coach  Keshi. He was the right choice for the Nigerian national team. He made Nigerian local league players exposed to the world. I love the change he brought to our Local  League and National team.

How has it been since you came back to Nigeria?

I want to thank God for bringing me out of India league ,and I want to start again with either Nigeria league or travel back to another country.

I heard you had a problem with your aunty whom you are well pleased with? what went wrong?

Yes,its was true,she was part of my set back in Nigeria. This was a person I trusted so much,when I was back in India I was sending her money to help me build my own house and keep the resting money for my wedding ,before I got home,she has used all the money ,only brought land for me.I couldn’t do anything since then, my finance has stool by me .


What is your plan for 2017 season?

I will love to play for any strong Nigerian League or Travel out to play for another club and make Nigerian proud to have me as one of them.