Man does the vilest to daughter for 3 years after separating from wife

After raping his only daughter for three years, a father was arrested by the Lagos police , the Owutu division in Ikorodu.
Paul Akpederi separated from his wife when the girl whom he took custody of, was about 12.
The abuse was initially discovered by a teacher when the girl was in JSS 2. Paul allegedly changed her school.
The teacher , however, ran into the victim recently, leading to alerting the Lagos State Office of the Public Defender through the agency’s social media platform.
The police moved in, arrested the Paul, and took his daughter to hospital for medical checks.
According to a social worker involved in the arrest, the girl was about to start her final exams in the junior school when her colleagues found her crying uncontrollably. Her teacher was then informed.
“She told her teacher what she had been going through and the teacher informed Rose’s pastor at a branch of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, who counselled her. Her father was invited and that was the end of the case.”
The girl even initially denied the defilement and tried to exonerate her father.
“She said anytime he slept with her, he would tell her not to tell anybody. The girl said she could not tell people because she thought nobody would believe her,” an official explained.
It was her teacher who reported the case that eventually talked her into opening up.
She has since been  in a shelter and protective custody,
Paul was said to have resisted until her daughter confessed before him before the DPO.
The Director of the OPD, Mrs. Olubukola Salami, confirmed the incident, adding that the agency would pursue the case to the end.
“We cannot stop re-emphasising the zero tolerance of the Lagos State Government for domestic and sexual abuse. OPD is alarmed at the high rate of incidents of sexual abuse, especially by people of trust.,” he said.
“OPD is not only interested in arresting and prosecuting perpetrators, it is also interested in curbing this rising trend.”
The Lagos State police spokesperson, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole, said the suspect would soon be arraigned in court.