99 percent of crimes committed in Lagos are by men

Lagos State has the highest number of prisoners in Nigeria, 7,396 out of the national total of 68,686.thanks to men swelling the population of the congested coops year in year out.
President Muhammadu Buhari recently raised the alarm on the problem of overpopulation in the prison system, describing it as a national scandal.
The National Bureau of Statistics recent report reveals how Lagos leads in all the wrong indices of a standard reformatory system, especially congestion.
In Lagos where men are coop happy, the inmate population grew by leaps and bounds between 2014 and 2015—from 5286 in 2014 to 6288 a year after, and 7,396 in 2016. The population of male jailbirds rose from 5086 in 2014 to 5967 in 2015, and 7129 in 2016.
What that indicates is that women are mire law-abiding in Lagos or the law is soft on them.
The NBS Prison Statistics includes Prison Population by Total Detainees, Prison Capacity and Number of Un-sentenced Detainees by State and Year and Prison Inmate Population by Gender from 2011 to 2016.
The study showed a rise in prison population from 65,030 in 2015 to 68,686 last year. The rising male factor is also highlighted across the nation, though Lagos boasts the highest.
As pf 2016, the total male inmates was 67,329, the women were 1,357.