Mancini: They are not enough Italian players

Roberto Mancini admits he is concerned by the lack of Italy players available to him. “We can’t take them all from the Under-21s.”
Mancini’s squad for Italy’s Nations League matches in September saw him focus on youth, with the likes of Nicolo Zaniolo and Nicolo Barella receiving call-ups.
“For now I’m not suffering. That’s why I’ve called up several players – to optimise the little time we have,” the former Inter boss told Rai Sport.
“We’ve seen plenty of matches but only a few Italian players have played, which can be a problem. It’s also a bit of a problem when Insigne is on the bench.
“In addition to the ones already known about, we’ve called up lads [Zaniolo and Benassi] who did well with our youth teams. it also takes courage to play them.
“We’ve called up players who were already in the system, have played the last three games and did well.
“We don’t have much time, plus there are no Italian players playing. We’re faced by some difficulties, but the fact we can work together during this spell can be important.
“We have experienced players, but if we can get to know the others then even better. I don’t know the percentages of the last few years that well.
“Now there are very few Italians playing, I don’t think it’s ever been to this extent in Italy. It includes the goalkeeper but also the others.
“These are problems that we’ll try to solve. We hope they’ll play. Cutrone’s a player who scores, but we can’t take them all away from the Under-21s. We hope he keeps scoring and playing.
“Balotelli? He came back on Saturday and played the first game. He’s done pretty well and we’ll see what he’s like. We hope everyone’s doing pretty well.
“Bernardeschi has more experience than Chiesa as he plays for Juventus, but I believe they can be important for the national team, both now and in the future.
“They have impressive margins for growth. I’m very confident, but I think I’m the only one in Italy.
“Bernardeschi can play in different roles, like Bonaventura, even in two or three. He has technical qualities, he’s quick, he scores goals, gets assists and can play anywhere in attack. He can do it all.”