Marcos Alonso Vs. Alex Sandro: This analysis will help Chelsea’s decision

By Ediale Kingsley

It became important to do this analytical comparison since some of my Chelsea friends think Marcos shouldn’t be the one to be upgraded. Some believes Marcos doesn’t even need an upgrade. So I will attempt to diagnose the matter.

Marcos who was bought from Fiorentina for a £24m played 2,874mins for the EPL last season. While Alex Sandro who played 3,164mins for Juventus this past season would cost Chelsea between £55-60m.

Testing for their passing and dribbling skills: At 0.7 dribbles per game, Alonso Marcos comes short of Alex Sandro who averages 1.8. On passes per game, Sandro averages 1.9 and Alonso is pegged at 0.8. Also checking the passing accuracy recorded for both, Sandro also surpasses the Spanish lad. The former has 84.6, the later 77.8.

Now clearly Sandro is obviously the better at this level. But let’s test further.

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For defensive abilities; Sandro averages 2.3 tackles per game. 1.9 for Alonso. On interceptions per game, its also not going the way for Alonso. It’s Sandro that’s averaging 2.5 and it’s 1.5 for Alonso.

As it was for Dribbles & Passing, Sandro also takes the shine for Defensive play. But let’s also test for Attacking ability.

Alonso scored 6 goals and had 3 assists, but Sandro could only manage 3 goals and 4 assist. Clearly Alonso gets this one.

So overall we deduced that:

1. Of both players Sandro is better at Dribbling and Passing.

2. Sandro is also better at Defensive plays.

3. But it’s Alonso that will score more.

Who would you rather buy? If you ask us at National Daily…we’d go for Alex Sandro. Obviously he is Alonso 2.0.