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Most funny comedy skits of 2015



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There was a time when people skipped off ads and marketing skits on TV. Today they are made to capture audience’s attention. One of such genre used effectively is comedy. In 2014 Hafis Oyetoro aka Saka was the best example for this. Last year that award would definitely be going to the funny Francis Odega. Enjoy the following list of ads and comedy skits that did too well last year.

 Francis Odega in ‘Get out of Here’

THIS three minutes skit caught global attention and took Francis Odega’s career as a comic actor and standup comedian to another level. The skit, cut off from a full length movie whose title has long been forgotten was posted on YouTube in May 2015. Odega creatively delivered several punch lines in a mixture of Igbo and American accents. Some of his lines instantly became popular street slogans used by Nigerian musicians. These lines include, get out of here, halla, wholup, EP (enemy of progress), you know what am saying, you don’t know nothing, am gonna tell you something etc. The skit also broke into Hollywood with 50 Cent and Snoop Dog reposting the video on their instagram pages and joining the suddenly increased followers of Francis Odega.With this classic comic offering, fame and fortune smiled on Odega. He got endorsed by several companies including a mouthwatering endorsement deal with telecoms giant Etisalat. His image adorned billboards and television commercials across Nigeria. In this hilarious video, Odega was seen clad in European warm clothing under the hot weather in Nigeria. A fellow walked up to him to show concern about the consequence of suffocation and sweat. Odega, angry with the fellow for not minding his business, spits those lines that catapulted him to sudden fame. With over five million views on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, 2015 was indeed a great year for the actor who has spent more than 20 years in Nollywood. ‘Get out of here’ stands as the most popular comedy skit to come out of Nollywood.

Patrick Onyeneke in ‘Pop Champagne’

UPLOADED on YouTube on 15th May 2015, Pop Champagne was a masterpiece by all standards and was critically acclaimed by the social media community.Directed by Austin Nwaolie, edited by Robert Peters and staring Mr. Patrick, this comic skit pushed the boundaries of creativity, cracking the ribs of viewers and bringing tears to their eyes. In this short video, Mr. Patrick who has lots of skits to his credit such as ‘Jalopy’ and ‘Super Star’ under his sitcom enterprise Adventures of Mr. Patrick, tries to mimic the average Nigerian hip hop artiste braggadocio by shooting a mock musical video. As he swaggers and sings out of tune, bragging about popping champagne, doing champagne and bathing with champagne, one of the video vixens pop the champagne.His true financial status eventually emerges while he quarrels with his cast and crew for really popping an expensive champagne he could not afford. Punch lines from this skit gained entry into the street lexicon of Nigeria and the social media.With fantastic moves, meaningless rap, bling-bling accessories and never seen facial expressions, the video captures the funny mood of any viewer in just few seconds with reoccurring laughter. Mr. Patrick has since clinched endorsement deals with big stage performances within and outside Nigeria as a standup comedian. Notably, Prize Check utilized his popularity for their TV commercials. He recently secured an exclusive marketing deal with Tjoe Investments LTD to distribute a compilation of Adventures of Mr. Patrick in West Africa.He is also on the verge of closing another deal with a yet to be disclosed telecoms giant. He is regarded as the pioneer producer of comedy skits in Nollywood. The ‘Pop champagne’ two minutes video got over a million viewers laughing on the internet, DSTV and other television stations across Africa.

Charles Okocha in ‘Igwe 2Pac’

THIS actor whose career has spanned more than 15 years in Nollywood has never been associated with comedy. But the short three minutes skit uploaded on YouTube in 2015 broke the internet with intense humour. The video elicited lots of laughter from viewers who wondered what a hip hop dude like Charles Okocha was doing as a traditional ruler.In the plot of the short skit, Okocha clad in a traditional regalia with gangster swagger had arrived at a meeting with elders of the land who frowned at his arrogant posturing. Instead of appealing to the elders’ patience and understanding, he began to rap at the elders in a sing song rhyme that blew the minds of viewers. And he sang, “Why are you niggas snitching on my ass like crazy? Snitching on my ass like mad? Snitching on my ass like crazy? Niggas snitching on my ass like mad?” At the end of his rib cracking rap, he spoke about his long stay in the United States, how he disappointed his homeboys Puff Daddy, Dr Dre and Snoop Dog by returning to his bush village.The skit delivered all the elements of gangsterism, hip hop, royalty and ultimately spontaneous humour rolled into one. The American mannerisms of a young rascally traditional ruler is truly uncommon in Igbo land. Charles Okocha has since transformed into a sought after actor with immense creative fortunes. He has also received patronage from advertisers who utilize his internet breaking skit to sell products and services.If there was to be an award for Best Comedy Skits in 2015, it probably must be clinched by Get out of Here, Pop Champagne and Igwe 2Pac.
These three ruled the social media in 2015 with creative lines delivery, well-crafted movements, spontaneous humour and didactic plot that cut across the social strata.The big three broke new grounds in the comedy industry with proof that long lasting laughter can be produced in just few minutes without necessarily watching a full length movie. Lots of comedy skits are still expected from the vibrant creative industry in 2016 as a new sector of entertainment has berthed with successful outing.

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