NAF deploys ISR to neutralise Boko Haram fighters in Warshale

The Air Task Force (ATF) of Operation LAFIYA DOLE has destroyed a settlement where Boko Haram terrorists launched attacks on the federal troops, allied forces, and civilian population in Borno.

In the aerial bombardment of the village June 27, Warshale, strongholds and many of the Jihadist fighters were destroyed.

The air strike, a part of the Operation LONG REACH, was launched after credible human intelligence reports and aerial surveillance missions.

According to Maj.-Gen. John Eneche, coordinator of Defence Headquarters media, the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) deployed assets, including fighter jets, an Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft to engage the location.

“The NAF jets scored devastating hits in their multiple waves of attacks resulting in the destruction of several structures in the settlement as well as the neutralization of some of the terrorists,” he said in a press release June 29.

The spate of terrorist attacks in the north eastern part of the country has gone up, and Nigeria’s President and Commander-inChief of the Armed Forces Muhammad Buhari recently attributed it to covid-19 pandemic.

He however warned the military chiefs there will be consequences if they are unable to stem the tide.


  1. Pls, this heartless people ( bokoharam) are not jihadists they are only terrorists that must be cursed by every reasonable peoples. What they are doing is not jihad but infidelity (islamicaly). By God’s grace Nigeria army finish with them.