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How telecom subscribers can escalate complaints – NCC



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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has continued its public campaign to educate telecommunication subscribers in the country on better ways to resolve complaints they have.

The industry regulator, in a series of posts recently reiterated that “network providers have an obligation to keep consumers abreast of the progress made on the resolution of their complaints up to the point of final resolution”.

Recall that the Commission, in 2016, announced a measure to combat unsolicited text messages from telecommunications networks to subscribers.

This triggered the launch of “Do-Not-Disturb Code, 2442” which subscribers can use to combat the menace of unsolicited text messages.

By July 2017, eight million (8 million) people have activated the DnDcode.   A year later the number has increased to twelve million.   Now, NCC wants subscriber to escalate complaints against the operators, particular issues that have lingered.

“Telecom consumers should escalate to NCC any unresolved complaints earlier filed with their service providers.

“Contact NCC by dialing the toll-free number 622. #consumercomplaints #consumereducation”, the Commission writes via its social media channels:


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