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Nigeria has no business in OIC – Prophet Alao



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His Most Eminence Prophet (Dr.) Solomon Alao, The Baba Alakoso Imole 1 of Sacred C&S Church of Nigeria and Supreme Head, Cherubim and Seraphim Unification Church World Wide has urged the Nigerian government to withdraw membership from the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) as the constitution regards Nigeria a secular state,as the development portend danger for our nationhood.
The cleric made this statement during a press conference held at The Sacred  C&S Church The Holy Mount of Salvation Model Parish, Surulere in preparation for the 88th Annual General Conference of the Sacred Cherubim &Seraphim Church starting this week Thursday in OYO state.
“Nigeria is a secular state so I urge the Federal Government to pull out Nigeria from OIC, or alternatively Nigeria should also belong to World Council of Churches. If not let’s pull out of all international religious organizations”.
He also urge Nigerians to be actively involved in politics to ward off corrupt and unpatriotic elements from our body polity.
The spiritual father anchored his call on the fact that the wrong perception of many Christians out there about politics is taking its negative toll on our government and portends grave danger for our nationhood.
“Be registered and get your Permanent Voters Card, vote wisely to influence the polity, stop saying politics is dirty,go there and cleanse the polity, those not in partisan politics should vote right.
Speaking about the clamour for restructuring, the cleric urge the Federal Government to be sincere enough to restructure the constitutional framework.
“Constitutional restructuring is the only panacea to halt future disaster, restructure the structure, devolution of power from the centre to the State,restructuring will restructure the process that breed tension. I am not talking of shifting local and State boundaries but the shift to true regional Federalism.
“I believe in the interest of both the led and the leadership, the only viable option is to restructure the structures, by devolving a lot of powers to the states to reduce the attendant workloads on the centre. Let us go back to what Ahmadu Bello, Nnamdi Azikiwe and. Papa Obafemi Awolowo begot us.
“Any politician who refuses to allow restructuring should not get our votes.
“It would be sheer foolhardiness, if we continue to believe the political elites that all is well! Various challenges facing our country seem to be multiplying and not abating. We still have the Boko Haram insurgency on killing mission virtually on daily basis.
Since then, kidnapping never heard of in Africa, has joined the bandwagon of our problems. Religious killings and persecutions especially, seemingly of Christian faith is gradually getting out of control.
“Badoo ritual killings has been added to the list of our ever increasing challenges. The Niger Delta and the threat of secession in the South East with no final solution on ground should be of concern to those of us who see a United Nigeria as an advantage.
“As if the foregoing are not enough, the Fulani herdsmen are  now on the rampage, behaving as a ‘Super government’ dictating provocative terms and conditions to their host communities.
” More worrisome is the umbrella body of these herdsmen now linked with a former V.P of our nation as being their  financier against the background of a herdsman in possession of A.K 47 rifle said to cost some 2million.
“Petrol scarcity and lack of adequate energy to keep running our engines of development would no doubt compound our unemployment problems with far reaching consequences.
The cleric also urge newsmen to help purge the Christian race of blemishes, I would ask you to partner with us to educate the public. Any liturgy or practices not corroborated in the New Testament  Standards stands questionable.
Also present at the media parley are; President Good Women Fellowship C&S Sacred Unification Church, Reverend Apostolic Mother Folashade,Dr. Bilesanmi Samson Board Secretary of United Christian Campaign Organisation Mrs. Adesola Adeosin, state Secretary UCCO.

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