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Nigerian-born Tyough Beetseh led one of the teams that designed new 2022 Range Rover



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Benue-born Tyough Yohanna Beetseh, led the applications delivery and integration project – Global IT Manufacturing team for the build of the new Range Rover.

TY, as he is fondly called, was born in Makurdi. He is an Entrepreneur, Senior Management Consultant and a seasoned global industry professional who has consulted for some of the world’s biggest organisations, delivering key projects for the likes of Jaguar Land Rover, BBC, EDF Energy, London 2012 Olympics, Department of Work and Pensions, United Kingdom (UK).

Taking to his official Facebook page on Wednesday, TY wrote;

“We did it! This one has my blood, sweat and tears in it, and I am super proud,” he wrote.

“In 2018, I was head hunted as a project & programme management consultant to lead the applications delivery and integration project – Global IT Manufacturing , for the build of this vehicle. The New Range Rover.

“All we had were rough plans, diagrams of the new build halls and a small team with a big heart.

“I led a team that was, on the average, 10 years older and more experienced than me. I was the only person of colour (black) in my immediate team but got along very well with everybody.

“In between , I ran for the membership of the House of Representatives, juggling between Abuja Airport and London Heathrow frequently. Sometimes working while on flights and on trips between Abuja and Makurdi. Sometimes in Nigeria on a thursday and then back to London on the sunday.

“In between, COVID hit. We weathered the storm. Kept the project on track. It was hard.

“After all the early mornings , late nights , weekend working , long meetings, heated arguments and intense presentations. I am super proud of my team’s effort in contributing to the build of this car

“Glad we are finally able to share this masterpiece to the world. Indeed , this one has my blood and sweat in it , and I will forever cherish the experience.

“Someone in my team once joked “ we are building a car that we won’t be able to afford “ , I responded that “there is nothing God cannot do”


“Oluwa, it’s now time for you to bless your children with this elegance. After all, we don suffer for am. Amen.” he concluded.

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