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Nigerians roast Okupe over ‘Tinubu fall’ comment



Nigerians roast Okupe over ‘Tinubu fall’ comment
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Social media users have told former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Doyin Okupe, that he has no moral authority to chastise Nigerians for mocking President Bola Tinubu over his misstep at the Eagles Square during the Democracy Day celebration on Wednesday.

In the past few weeks, Okupe who was the Director-General of the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council in the 2023 presidential election, has suddenly become an advocate for Tinubu to the extent of describing the President as Jesus Christ sent to rescue Nigeria.

In another recent interview, Okupe was quoted as saying that Tinubu was the best candidate for the presidential election, even ahead of Peter Obi whom he was projecting for the election.

After a video of Tinubu missing a step while climbing the parade vehicle had gone viral with many Nigerians making a joke out of it, Okupe took to his X account to castigate those who found the fall funny, describing Nigeria as a theater of the absurd in the post.

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“Nigeria has become a theater of absurdity. D President “trips” at a function & all discussions go pedestrian. Everyone on social media including people of high networth disgracefully joined the fray. D import of d President’s speech was lost in d show of shame. Politics taken too far.”

Okupe’s post and admonition however incurred the wrath of Netizens who accused him of being a traitor and modern day Judas Iscariot who is trying to gain favour from Tinubu.

@KelvinAlaneme: “You are absurd! A walking, talking cynosure of shame. And yes, no one gives a hoot about what you have to say because you’ve shown yourself bereft of common sense and a slave to your stomach. People are out here dying of hunger and you are interested in a fall? Ridiculous!”

@Adel_Cares: “It has become that way because men like you who are supposed to be role models to the younger generations now lie to us on a daily basis.

So what do we get when there are no people left to uphold our moral standards as people. You can’t plant corn and harvest yam.”


@CharlesFemi9: “You don’t Even have the right to talk about morals Mr Holy Pass. Anywhere belle face na road, person wey fit chop inside gutter dey talk about neatness. Judas Iscariot Is far better than you snitch. Make Tinubu summersault tomorrow we still laugh, make thunder fire emotion.”

@MercyEgbai: “Posterity will always remember as a man a betrayal and sell out, you are not in any way better than anyone who made fun of the fall of the president.

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Have you bothered about how Nigerians are surviving in this harsh economy? That SA you so desire may not even reach you.

@DasIjaiye: “Sir, have you lost it so much that you now post using so many absurdly abbreviated words?

I thought it was a parody account until I took a second look. Well, maybe you are so desperate to defend your new boss. Many things have changed about you.”

@Classact: “Doyin, unless you are just looking for a way to add to the show of shame by this tweet, can you please give us a rundown of the president’s speech that really made sense.”

@NDrAgwoTurumbe: “Daniel and Reno twerked and got nothing. You started twerking this late. What moral ground do you stand on to tell Nigerians what they should talk about on social media?”

@Lord_OboteAyo: “Jokes on you, no one was interested in the speech, we just wanted some comic relief for the hard times.”

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