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Northern leaders deceiving Tinubu, can’t allow him be president in 2023 – Ogunlewe



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A former Minister of Works, a chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos State, Chief Adeseye Ogunlewe, has cautioned the APC national leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to jettison his ambition to become president of Nigeria in 2023. The APC chieftain who was formerly a representative of Lagos East Senatorial District in the Senate of the National Assembly told Tinubu in clear terms to stop wasting his money and time in mobilizing to be president in 2023, warning that the north will not relinquish power after the second term of President Muhammadu Buhari.  Ogunlewe also berated Tinubu over the display of wealth in a political environment of mass poverty, challenging him to emulate Aluko Dangote in establishing businesses that will create employments.

Ogunlewe speaking on the Morning Show of ARISE Television, monitored from Lagos, was of the view that the empire of freedom of taking all the money (while in power) may not be enough to qualify to be president. He noted: “you can see the bullion vans moving in a community of poor people with aeroplane, helicopters; that is too much money which could have been invested in industry. Aluko Dangote has taken over our own free trade zone with 650,000 capacity crude oil refinery. That is a person with focus. Mr. Man with this big money, go and establish an industry like Dangote, don’t just focus on politics.”

Ogunlewe admonished that the APC national leader should go and read Awolowo’s book; saying: “these people are deceiving you. They will spend all your money and they will hit you at the back. I can assure you, anybody who does not know the politics of Nigeria will think money is everything. You have money, you use your money to influence their own victory, when it comes to your turn, they will teach you politics.” The former Minister declared: “the people are far ahead of us in political analysis. You are wasting your money, Mr. Man. They will never allow you to rule; it is not possible. When the chips are down, Awolowo will tell what he went through; Azikiwe will tell you what he went through. These are masters in the game. They cannot protect you, don’t take them for granted.”

Ogunlewe also warned that the northern leaders are not as simple as their counterparts in the south are looking at them. He maintained that they perceive power as the only means of survival in the Nigerian state. “They are more advanced; if it comes to power, they know how to use power, they know the importance of power.

“In the chemistry of Nigeria, you have taken over the banks from them, you have taken over telecommunications, electricity, what is left for them other than power.

“They will not joke with it; they will not want to leave it and they have shown us that the north has the power to rule forever.  And that is why I laugh at people of southern extraction when they are jubilation the victory of the ruling political party; they are jubilation in foolishness. They will teach you politics.

“Go and read the history of Nigerian politics, you will know what I’m talking about. These people, they will pretend they love you, but when it comes to power play, they are masters,” Ogunlewe declared.

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