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NYCN presidential hopeful, task PMB on the dearth of  youth relation



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By Lanre Adesanya

Comrade Innocent Nwobodo Nduanya, a presidential aspirant of the National Youth Council of Nigeria has urge President Muhammadu Buhari to evolve cordial relation with the youths, charging them to prepare to take over the mantle of leadership after 2019.

Nduanya made this plea when his Divine Mandate Campaign train officially declares his intent for the President of NYCN to South West youth stakeholders prior to their election scheduled for 19th of July.
He counseled youths in the country to take a cue from the youthfulness of the France President Mr. Emmanuel Macron who visited Nigeria recently,as a sign that it is time for the youths to take charge.
The aspirant who was presented to the South West NYCN at the Lagos State Youth House in Yaba, by Mr. Emmanuel Okoroigbo the secretary and director for planning and logistics of his campaign team,noted that he regard the zone so much,given the fact that leaders of thought are concentrated therein.
“I am here today to seek the support of youths from the south west and their leaders for my candidature to be the president.
“Since creation a south easterner has never become a president of the youths council, with your support I will mount the saddle of leadership.
“I cannot afford to leave it in the hands of those who may not have acquired the corresponding experience and administrative skills to the council of the associated ills.
Citing his impact in NYCN in time past he said,”I have served in various capacities, local government, state, zone and national level,as one time number two youth of this country, I have been able  facilitate job opportunity for youths in ministries in my State, some appointed as SA to the Governor of my state.
“These are the things we want to replicate when we get to be President of NYCN, we will engage the federal government to make sure they empower the youths,we will make sure the youths are part of the federal government and ensure that various political parties gives youths their ticket to run.
“Ahead of the forth coming general election, once I emerge we are going to have a youth political summit,participants would be youths leaders from political parties and non political parties as well.
” We would bring them together to find a way-out of political crisis and other kinds of crisis, the summit will afford us the opportunity to decide , criticize and also make inputs on how 2019 would be.
Commenting on the youth involvement in the present day administration, he said “the President need to relate more with youths,there is need for cordial relation between the President and the youths,yes he is an old man but he need to get in touch with the youths and have interactive session with them.
“Macron’s visit is timely because some of the youths that have not travelled out of the country,find it hard to believe that a young man in his 30’s was the President of France, some felt it was a lie, but yesterday affirms that.
“His coming has left in us a great impact as we are going to key into his idea and ideologies in politics, we are going to team up and work toward the goal that after 2019, a young man of 35- 39 years old would take over the reins of government.
The Vice President NYCN South West Comrade Qudus Adebisi, Leader NYCN Alhaji Ganiyu Balogun, Comrade Ismail Lanleyin and Comrade Marouf and many other youths from the zone were privy to the official declaration of the presidential aspirant from the South East.

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