PDP warns Buhari against victimising sick Fani-Kayode

The Peoples Democratic Party has said former Minister of Aviation Femi Fani-Kayode must not die in the custody of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

“As of the time of writing this statement, officials of the EFCC have continued to deny Fani-Kayode access to his medication,” Dayo Adeyeye, PDP spokesman said Tuesday.

“The only conclusion that can be reached is that the All Progressives Congress- led Federal Government and EFCC want Fani-Kayode to die in detention.”

The PDP said Fani-Kayode’s arrest was the latest in a series of plans designed to further harass and intimidate its members and supporters using the security and intelligence apparatus of the Nigerian State.

Adeyeye alleged that since his arrest, the former minister had not been able to take his medication.

“What is not common knowledge is that at the time of his arrest, Fani-Kayode was ill and taking medication,” he said.

“Since his arrest, he has been denied access to his medication and medical doctors who are conversant with his medical history.

Adeyeye accused the EFCC of detaining “an obviously weak and ill man.”

According to him, the action of the commission violates the constitutional rights and
freedoms of the Nigerian people, and called on the government to halt such action.

“The Federal Government cannot, and must not, be allowed to continually infringe on the rights of the very people it swore to uphold,” he added.