Plateau: Gunmen kill again in Bassa amidst 24 hour curfew

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Amidst the 24-hour curfew in place in Bassa LGA of Plateau and the IGP team on the ground, killing is still going on, at least in the Miango district of the LGA.

Gunmen suspected to be Fulani murdered five Miango natives at Chando-Zirech  the night of August 17.

Secretary General of the Irigwe Development Association, Comrade Danjuma Dickson Auta, confirmed the incident.

“As the Irigwe nation continue to receive attacks from left right and centre, over the unfortunate incident at Rukuba road, where innocent commuters which the Irigwe nation knows nothing about and we have continue to distance ourselves from the ungodly act as peace loving citizens,’ he told the Daily Post.

No fewer than 25 Fulani men and women coming from Bauchi on their way to Onod for a religious events were murdered last week in Bassa LGA.

Commuity and religious leaders from Bauchi ad Plateau have been calling for calm and peaceful resolution.

But something of a reprisal might have taken place last night.

“one of our villages, Chando-Zrrechi (Tafi-Gana), was attacked last night by Fulani Herdsmen,” Auta said.

“Five people confirmed dead so far at Tafi Gana village of Miango District Irigwe Chiefdom”.

Auta called on security operatives and the government to put a stop to the rampant attacks meted on their communities.

“If nothing is done to avert this ugly trend, Irigwe people will be wiped out. We see this as ethnic cleansing.”