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Prince: Siblings to late singer fight over his money



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Less than a month after the death of the music icon Prince his siblings are already in disagreement with the arrangement concerning how to get money from his clients.

According to TMZ reports, Prince’s 6 siblings are competing for ways to quickly get cash out of his death through TV package, with major music producers and famous artists who will perform Prince songs for a 2 hour TV special set to air in August.

The conflict is they are trying to organise and co-produce with the aim of getting boxed up with some dough pending when the bank running the estate figures out how to dole out the main cash.

However, one of Prince’s sibling Tyka is not gamed with the whole plan, she wants to produce and control her own TV special.

Since the singer pass on it have been one revelation of surprising things over another, even a man from Kansas City named Carlin Q. Williams suddenly showed up after his death is claiming to be Prince’s son.

Prince corpse was found at his Paisley Park compound in Minnesota early Thursday morning, April 21, 2016.

Source: TMZ

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