Pro boxer, 18, technically knocked dead

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A professional boxer lost a bout in May with a TKO. She returned last Saturday and lost her life .

Jeanette Zacarías was fighting for the first time outside her home country Mexico last Thursday when her Canadian opponent Marie-Pier Houle   knocked her out in Montreal.

She began a series of convulsion, and later was hospitalized, put in a medically-induced coma.

A day after her trainer said she remained in critical but stable condition. Zacarías, however, died Thursday. She started professional boxing at 15.

“Boxing has its risks and dangers. This is our work, our passion. [But] the intention to gravely injure my opponent was never part of my plan,” Houle said.

But many wondered why the 18-year-old returned to the ring so soon after she got technically knocked, with similar health complication.