Reno Omokri reconciles with Buhari

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The pendulum of political relations appears to have swung to the positive when Reno Omokri, a notable critic of President Muhammadu Buhari, on Thursday, commended the President for the completion and commissioning of the Lagos-Ibadan railway in Lagos. He further commended the president for traveling to Lagos, the first visit to the south since his re-election in 2019.

Omokri pointed out that those criticizing President Buhari are not doing so out of hatred; noting that they hate injustice and maladministration. He added that the president’s visit to Lagos has endeared him to most of his critics, noting that Buhari is the President of Nigeria and not President of the north.

Omokri noted that the Lagos-Ibadan railway was started by former President Goodluck Jonathan but completed by President Buhari. He stated that the administration would have abandoned the project; saying that they have to commend the administration for completing the project.

Reno Omokri in a statement on his facebook page wrote: “I must commend General Muhammadu Buhari for completing the Lagos-Ibadan railway project. “Although, it was initiated and started by the Jonathan administration on July 18, 2012, the Buhari administration completed it. They could have abandoned it, but they did not. For that, they should be commended.

“Also, Buhari’s visit to Lagos today (Thursday) is trustworthy.

“Since his re-election in 2019, he has avoided the southern Nigeria. This, along with the lopsidedness of his appointment, has given many southerners the impression that the President is hostile towards them.

“Those of us who criticize the Buhari administration do not do so because we hate the President. No. we hate injustice and maladministration.

“We want Buhari to be a Nigerian President, not a northern one.

“Today’s event has endeared the president to us, and the more he takes actions such as this, and especially, in the southeast, the less we will oppose him and the more we will embrace him.”